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Nechama is a volunteer-based organisation which provides emotional support and counselling for persons of the Jewish faith who have suffered a bereavement or loss. Our counselling method, using a non-judgmental confidential approach, provides a nurturing and caring environment for comfort and growth.

The Loss of a loved one is a devastating experience and leaves a person very vulnerable, traumatized and bereft. This is the time in one’s life when an Organisation such as Nechama provides the support so often needed in these difficult times.

Through care and compassion, we support the bereaved and their families through the grief process.

Through the dedicated service of our volunteers we provide a confidential supportive one-on-one counselling service. This service assists the families to feel that they do not walk this long road alone.


  • We help those who have suffered a bereavement to acknowledge death as part of the life cycle.
  • We endeavour to raise the level of awareness within the Jewish community of the laws and rituals pertaining to bereavement.